Toxisan 50ml

Toxisan 50ml

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PREMIXTURE for dogs & cats

diet-related immediate support for liver and kidney - with milk thistle and wild pansy, liquid.
An optimal and adequate feed intake supports inter alia the function of the detoxification organs.

mixture of flavouring agents whose addition to feed improves its smell or palatability: 197 g per kg, preservatives: citric acid E330 47.5 g per kg,  lactic acid E270 47.5 g per kg; carrier: drinking water

Additional product information regarding further ingredients:
with extracts from: milk thistle, ginkgo, nettle, birch, goldenrod, pot marigold, wild pansy

Feeding recommendation:   
if needed daily 1 - 5 ml onto the feed for 8 weeks

cdVet Toxisan is a liquid premixture consisting of herbs and vegetable extracts which particularly supply the detoxification organs such as liver and kidneys.
An optimal condition of the detoxification organs is the most important requirement for all metabolic processes and the condition of skin and hair.

Milk thistle:
supports and protects the liver

promotes blood circulation and improves blood fluidity

stimulates metabolism and blood circulation, vasodilator

blood cleansing, flushes the kidneys

supports kidneys, purifies the blood and anti-inflammatory
anti-inflammatory, promotes healing, liver-supportive

Wild pansy:
anti-inflammatory, promotes metabolism, skin soothing

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