Singulares Organic Coconut Oil 200 ml

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Feed material for dogs and cats.

Pure, cold-pressed coconut oil in organic quality

* NOT refined
* NOT bleached
* NOT hardened
* NOT deodorised
100% coconut oil eco-inspection point DE-ÖKO-001 Non-EU

Feeding recommendation:
 2 - 3 times a week 1 teaspoon per 10 kg of body weight
cdVet fit-BARF Bio-Coconut oil is a pure natural product and is gained through gentle, cold pressing. It is characterized by a wonderfully fresh and mild coconut aroma and flavour.
It also has a high proportion of valuable MCT - fatty acids (medium-chain fatty acids), and caprine acid, lauric acid, Caprylic acid.

Expert tip:
Many pet owners use coconut oil also for Tick Control. Given a pea, hazelnut-sized amount coconut oil (depending on the size of the animal) rubbed into the hands and then spread over the coat of the animal.
An examination of the FU Berlin (Hilker, Kahl, Dautel) showed a deterrent to ticks.
This is due to the high proportion of lauric acid in coconut oil.

cdVet Fit BARF Bio Coconut oil is resistant up to about 26 °C and melts at higher temperature.
To be stored at room temperature, protected from sunlight.

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