MicroMineral for Birds 25 g

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Mineral complementary feedingstuffs for birds
For the appropriate feeding of pet birds

An optimal supply of minerals, trace elements and selected herbs supports the physiological body functions and
metabolic processes and is essential 
for a healthy life.

algal lime, brewers yeast, malt germs, algae, grape seed extract

Analytical components and contents:
calcium 17%, magnesium 1.16%, potassium 0.65%, phosphorus 0.25%, sodium 0.63%, ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid 6.0%

Feeding recommendation:

Daily one pinch upon the feed

Tip of an Expert:
A disturbed intestinal flora is often another cause of deficiencies.
Therefore, an intensive feeding for 14 days with cdVet GutClean for birds is recommended.

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