MicroMineral Dog & Cat 1kg

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Mineral feed for dogs & cats

Daily supply with minerals, trace elements and selected herbs

algal lime, brewers yeast, malt germs, algae, extracted grape seed

Analytical components and contents:
crude ash 52.1%, crude protein 10.8%, crude fat 1.1%, crude fibre 6.0%, calcium 15.1%, phosphorus 0.25%, potassium 0.92%, magnesium 1.15%, sodium 0.74%, lysine 0.44%, ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid 6%

Feeding recommendation:  
dogs 1 ½ level scoops per 10 kg body weight daily into the feed,
cats about 1 level scoop daily  
(1000g, 3000g, 5000g packing: dogs ½ scoop per 10 kg body weight, cats 1/3 scoop)  
one level measuring spoon corresponds to about 2 g  
(1000g, 3000g, 5000g packing: one level measuring spoon corresponds to about 7 g)

cdVet MicroMineral contains 100% pure natural ingredients such as algae, algal lime, grape seed extract and brewers yeast, which are rich in natural, readily available micronutrients such as minerals, trace elements, vitamins, etc., and because of their herbal origin, don't burden the detoxification organs further. An optimal natural supply of minerals like calcium, magnesium and a complex of essential trace elements and alginates is thus made possible.  
Especially by feeding commercial feeds a shortage quickly develops because many substances are damaged, changed or destroyed by industrial and thermal processing. Synthetic supplements cannot dissolve this deficiency completely.
Therefore, cdVet MicroMineral should not be lacking in any diet. 
As a supplement to dry feed, wet canned feed and feeding of fresh meat feeding for the natural supply of minerals and vitamins.   

One needs to pay attention to an optimal supply of micronutrients:

- while in  growth 
- while shedding the coat 
- while in training and competition 
- while breeding 
- in stressful situations 
- for coat and skin problems 
- in older animals for metabolic problems and allergies  
Possible consequences of trace-element and micronutrient deficiency: 
- problems while shedding the coat 
- scabby skin 
- mat coat 
- developmental delays 
- degeneration of bones and joints 
- weak immune system 
- early developing signs of ageing 
- stress susceptibility 
- birth difficulties

Tip of an expert:  
A disturbed intestinal flora is often another cause of deficiencies. 
Therefore, an intensive feeding for 14 days with cdVet GutClean is recommended. 
Signs of a dietary deficiency may include eating debris (like dirt, excrements, etc.) and a delayed shedding of the coat.

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