Micro Immune Fish 5000 g

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Complementary mineral feedingstuffs for fish

For a reliable and balanced supply of natural vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.
With a particularly high content of beta-glucans, which are nutritionally useful for a good immune system.

algal lime, brewers yeast, algae, grape seed extract, carrots

Analytical components and contents:
crude protein 17.5%, crude fat 2.0%, crude fibre 3.5%, crude ash 40.9%, phosphorus 1.0%, calcium 13.5%, magnesium 2.0%, sodium 0.7% , ash soluble in hydrochloric acid 29%
additives per kg: technological additives: bentonite montmorillonite E 558 80 g

Because of the high content of bentonite montmorillonite this feed supplement may only be fed up to 25 % of the animals daily diet.

Diet-related application areas:
- Support of the stomach and intestinal condition
- Balanced development of young animals
- Improved feed conversion
- Best all-round supply

Optimal supply of:
- Calcium
- Magnesium
- The whole complex of essential trace elements and vitamins

Feeding recommendation:
ad 1 - 2 scoops to 50 g of fish feed dail y (based on dry substance) or 2% of the total amount given

Tip of an expert:
The readiness to spawn is nutritionally increased!

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