Why CD Vet


Clemens and Ulrike Dingmann established in spring

1999 the cdVet Natural animal health GmbH with the objective of choose a new way in the area of animal health.
One impetus was the increasing use of antibiotics and other chemical substances in animal husbandry and the concomitant accumulation of pollutants in animal organisms, which often triggers resistance problems.
Against the background of many years of experience in herbology and the effectiveness of old home remedies the two founders were clear:
Many animal diseases are 
the result of „civilized“intensive mass animal farming, unbalanced diet and lack of observation of biological relationships in animal husbandry.
This background, coupled with the findings of modern science, is the basis for the innovative cdVet product and company concept.
cdVet offers alternatives in form of 
natural products, effective, innovative and economical.
Through species appropriate care, husbandry and feeding the necessity of medical in husbandry will be decreased.
Which was created 1999 in the truest sense of the word in a garage presents today as a middle sized, owner managed family business with more then 60 employee.
About an 
international dealer network, it provides pet owners more than 200 holistic solutions in the form of product concepts.
Natural products that are not only justice to the demands of home and hobby husbandry, but also the high quality requirements of health management in modern animal husbandry and feeding.

Inspired by Nature  

Excellent health and condition of the animals are our priority.
Our philosophy is based on the effective prevention of the use of preparations cdVet Naturprodukte created exclusively from natural ingredients.
Consciously , completely restrict the use of synthetic and chemical additives.
We offer natural products obtained by optimal treatment , especially micronutrients that support the natural functions of the body, metabolism and health.

By using high quality ingredients and gentle processing of our products and by using the power of nature 
to effectively support the natural health of the animals so that the body does not require treatment and the result is not additionally burdened unnecessarily.

Our products reduce symptoms such as allergies, cancer, etc.,
which carries our society of consumers through increased use of chemicals and poisons for humans and animals .
Our products combine traditional, scientific, herbal medicine and biological knowledge in the food and care .
As pioneers in the field of "natural animal health " created a full range of preparations for all animals.
We offer pet owners a proven, innovative and unique product range,
available not only in our store, but also in many pharmacies and pet stores.

Why cdVet?

Market- and innovation leader
cdVet is market- and innovation
leader in the segment of natural
products for animal/ alternative
animal health
We have real natural products!
With cdVet you achieve a 100% natural
assortment. Free of synthetic additives
and thus really well tolerated for human
and animal
overall concept pharmacy of nature for all
animals from one source
Since 15 years experiences creates expertise and trust
efficient products increases customer loyalty
Knowledge sells
cdVet creates competitive advantages for you through the
procurement of expertise
high margin and profit ratio
attractive price to the customer
Advice & service
best advice and service through veterinarians, naturopathic
therapists and nutritionist
Distinctive corporate design
cdVet win over through an uniformly, authentic market presence

Customer service 

The mind of service is very important to cdVet.
We have qualified export employees in our house.
This employees answer your questions professionally and competent. 
An active exchange of ideas takes place on our community. 
Again, our employees answer customer inquires quickly and easily.
The service area are makes perfect by regular information
for all our customers und trader on products, developments, tips and tricks.







Variety of products from one source 

With cdVet you have decided for a proven, innovative and
unique assortment. The focus is always targeted on the require-
ments of human and animal and we offer widespread products
of following areas:

 •     care products
 •     complementary feed
 •     feed
 •     insect protect products
 •     special products

Thus, cdVet offers you a wide concept of products from one

 •     bach flowers
 •     dogs
 •     cats
 •     BARF
 •     horses
 •     birds
 •     rodents
 •     reptiles
 •     fishes
 •     farm animals
 •     camels
 •     house & garden



Social Engagement

For us social engagement is important:
The support of regional sport and cultural organizations especially in the area of animal health and animal welfare.
This includes the working closely with the UNION - but also very individual assistance and promotions:
Charitable organizations such as animal shelters or animal welfare organizations receive from us large discounts on products
that are ready for use, but no longer salable.
With the active participation in relevant Internet forums we can share our experiences
in the field of natural animal health.
And within our own events - such as the Animal Health days - we also encourage the Rescue dog squad.




Natural products with micronutrients

The health and welfare of animals are our first priority. By natural products, we want to minimize the use of drugs and poisons (eg elimination of vermin ) , make even totally unnecessary in the ideal case. 
Therefore we offer natural products for supply the natural organ function and metabolic processes and obtained the health by especially optimal supply with micronutrients. 
By using high quality ingredients and the gentle processing our products support the health with the power of the nature effectively.
The organism of the animal is spared by 
less use of the chemical substances and poisons.
We contribute 
to environmental protection with our sustainable and economic natural products.
Diet-related and / or based on poor hygiene 
causes of disease can be canceled or avoided with the help of our products.
cdVet products combine traditional, scientific, 
naturopathic and biological knowledge in a feed and care agent concept.
In order to convey this to our customers, we focus on 
individual counseling and comprehensive service.

We exclusively use only high-graded, natural finished, not gen changed raw material like cold-pressed oils, herbs, ethereal oils and micronutrients of natural origin.
Thereby we consciously dispense with inset of synthetic additives and preservatives.


For the production of our products we use raw materials such as cold-pressed oils, essential oils, herbs and micronutrients.

They comply with prescribed standards prepared : gently mixed and processed - partly by machine or by hand.
The whole process is accompanied by a team of veterinarians , herbalists and zootechnicists and laboratory specialists.
The whole process is accompanied by the monitoring.
Each material is carefully studied in order to accurately determine the quality.
Only components that meet the highest quality standards are used in our formulations.