Terms & Conditions

1. Applicability:

The following terms and conditions are a component of all contracts for deliveries, services and offers by cdVet Ireland. Sales are made exclusively on the basis of the following terms and conditions. These General Terms and Conditions are acknowledged by the customer upon issuance of an order, or the acceptance of the delivery or service at the latest. A side agreements and contractual changes are only valid in written form. 

2. Offers:

All offers by cdVet Ireland are subject to change and non-binding, even if they are not designated otherwise. Deviations and technical changes in comparison with our references or descriptions are not possible. The respective catalogues and price lists are no longer valid upon the appearance of a new edition. Our offer on the Internet should be understood as a catalogue.

3. Prices:

All prices are gross prices (including VAT) and should be understood as "plus postage charges, packaging and insurance". All pricing components are contained in the base price (without postal charges and packaging).

4. Transfer of Risk:

Pickup occurs at the customer's risk. As soon as the merchandise has left the warehouse of cdVet Ireland, the risk will be transferred to the customer. cdVet Ireland insures the merchandise for its value when shipping, if the customer has not expressly contradicted such.

5. Delivery:

Any delivery dates require confirmation in writing. All deliveries are subject to the retention of the right of proper and timely delivery by our suppliers. Partial deliveries are allowed. cdVet Ireland is not responsible for delays of deliveries and services due to force majeure or due to events which significantly complicate the delivery or make such impossible, such as strikes, operational disruptions, official rulings, material procurement difficulties, etc, also when they arise at the suppliers of cdVet Ireland, even with regard to contractually-binding, agreed upon terms and deadlines.

The acceptance of the merchandise that was ordered and delivered is a primary obligation of the buyer. If the buyer rejects, or refrains, from acceptance then the buyer is in default. cdVetuk retains the right to demand the transportation costs arising from such after renewed attempts to make delivery that fail similarly. This occurs without regard of the possibility of proving greater damages.

6. Terms and Conditions of Payment:

6.1 Payment will be made secure by debit card via payment provider: paypal, sagepay.

6.2 Payment for re-seler will be made for bank transfer.

The delivery and payment terms and conditions are identified in detail on the order form. Insofar as deviating payment terms and conditions have not been listed in the offer, invoices shall be paid upon delivery or pickup without discounts. With regard to COD, the customer is obligated to accept a receipt from the carrier about the payment upon delivery and to preserve such. The receipt, or a readable copy, shall be presented to cdVet  Ireland upon demand. In the event of delinquency, the customer bears the burden of proof for the payment. Upon payment default, cdVet  Ireland is authorized to demand dunning charges in amounts up to EUR 10, as well as to transfer the claim to third parties for collection. Upon payment default by the customer with more than one individual claim, all outstanding claims against the customer are immediately due after deductions. The customer is obligated to accept the costs arising for collection. The customer is only authorized to withhold or reckon partial amounts in the event that counterclaims have been legally determined or recognized by cdVet Ireland

7. Retentions of Ownership:

cdVet Ireland retains the right of ownership of the merchandise untill all claims by cdVet Ireland against the customer from the business relationship, including those arising in future event from contracts concluded simultaneously of later, have been settled. This also applies when individual, or  all, claims by the vendor have been recorded on a running account and the balance has been drawn and recognized. The customer is only authorized for resale of the retained merchandise when they have already thereby conveyed all demands to cdVet Ireland, which accrue from the resale againts the recipient or a third party.

8. Notification of Defects, Guarantee:

cdVet Ireland guarantees, in the scope of the legal guarantee regulations, that all merchandise delivered by them is free of material and manufacturers' defects upon transfer of riskm with the following stipulation: the customer is obligated to inspect all deliveries from cdVet Ireland upon reception for freedom from defects and compliance. Notification of short or wrongful deliveries as well as apparent defects should be made within 7 days after reception of the delivery by the customer in writing. The obligation of the sales personnel concerning immediante notice of defects in accordance with remain unaffected. Such applies for sales personnel also in the event of recognizable wrongful delivery by cdVet Ireland, in particular when products threatened by quick impairment (e.g. CPUs, RAMmodules) are the content of the delivery. The merchandise should be returned immediately carriage pain to cdVetuk in such cases. The freight costs will be reimbursed. The guarantee term starts from the date of invoicing. The guarantee expires, if the customer modifies the delivered merchandise.

9. Right of Return:

We guarantee a 14-day right of return according to the Fernabsatzgeesetz (German Distance Selling Act). With a merchendise value of less than Eur 99, the customer shall bear the return costs. From a merchendise value greater than Eur 99, cdVet Ireland shall bear the shipping costs. The timely dispatch of the merchendise or the written exercise of the right of withdrawal on a permanent data storage medium is sufficient to comply with the time limit. This applies only for merchendise that is unused and in the original packaging.

If the customer is responsible for the deterioration, decline of other impossibilities then they shall replace the impairment of the value. Such applies even for the designated usage of an item or the demand of another service. In principle, a right of withdrawal does not exist for: discounted sales, CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs, and Videos, which were opened by the consumer.

A right of withdrawal is also excluded for merchendise that was manufactured according to customer specifications.

10. Manufacturer's Guarantee:

cdVet Ireland is not obligated to the customer in the scope of their claim of a manufacturer's guarantee to accept merchendise that is subject to such for forwarding to the manufacturer. For the acceptance of the merchendise in such cases, cdVet Ireland is only liable to the customer for premeditation of reasons to the customer, without making cdVet Ireland directly or indirectly liable to the customer by reason of the guarantee promise made by the manufacturer. 

11. Data Storage:

According to Ireland Data Protection Act ,United Kingdom Data Protection Act and  Article 28 of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetzt (aka BDSG, German Federal Data Protection Act), we would like to point out that the data necessary in the scope of transacting business is processed and stored by means of IT equipment . The buyer is in agreement that we use the data received from them from the business relationship in the sense of data pretection only for our own business purposes.

12. Location of Fulfillment & Court of Jurisdiction:

Location of fulfillment and court of jurisdiction is Bersenbruck , Ireland Republic and United Kingdom. 

13. Escape Clause and Concluding Terms and Conditions:

Should any individual items of these terms and conditions prove ineffective, such does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining terms and conditions. Ineffective terms and conditions should be replaced by effective terms and conditions, which come as close as possible to the desired purpose.

This contractual relationship is subject to the applicable laws of the Federal Republic of Germeny , laws of Ireland Republic and laws of United Kingdom.