Our History

The family - cdVet

Clemens and Ulrike Dingmann founded the cdVet Natural Products GmbH in early 1999 with the aim to break new ground in the field of animal health. One impetus was the increasing use of antibiotics and other chemical substances in animal husbandry and the concomitant accumulation of pollutants in animal organisms, which often triggers resistance problems.

Against the background of many years of experience in herbology and the effectiveness of old home remedies were the two founders clear: Many animal diseases are the result of "civilized" mass entertainment, unbalanced diet and lack of observation of biological relationships in animal husbandry.

This background, coupled with the findings of modern science, is the basis for the innovative cdVet product and company concept. cdVet offers alternatives in the form of natural products, effective, innovative and economically.

They reduce the need for medication in animal husbandry or they can be completely avoided through prevention, if necessary. created in 1999 in what is literally in the garage, which is today a medium-sized, family-owned company with more than 60 employees. Through an international dealer network, it provides pet owners at more than 195 integrated solutions in the form of product concepts.

Natural products that are not only the demands of home and hobby farming needs, but also the high quality requirements of health management in modern animal husbandry and feeding.