Fit-Crock Classic 15Kg + Baking Mixture 205g

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Baking Mixture Treats

Supplementary food for dogs, cats and horses. 

spelled flour, flaxseed, marine algae, Aroniatrester, apple pomace, strawberry pomace, brewer's yeast, malt germ, blackcurrant pomace, seaweed meal, grape seeds extract, rosehip shell 

Analytical constituents and contents
crude protein 13.7%, crude fat 7.8% Crude fiber 4.8%, ash 7.3%, phosphorus 0.24%, Calcium2,41%, sodium 0.1% 

Please add to:



80ml of water or juice (apple or carrot juice), per 1 carrot and 1 

banana (medium size)


60ml water, 1 can of tuna in its own juice (complete contents of the 

can with juice)

Dogs 80ml water or broth, 100g minced beef

We recommend to grate the carrot and cut the banana into small pieces.

Transfer cdVet baking Mix ingredients from a tin into a bowl. Depending on the species, the ingredients such as ground beef, tuna or carrot /and banana mix all the ingredients into a dough and knead it.
Roll out the dough on a floured surface. Using cookie cutters, cut out your desired shapes and place them roughly 1-2 cm apart on the cookie sheets. Repeat the rolling and cutting process with the remaining dough. 
Preheat the oven to 180°C and line a baking paper sheet on baking tray. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes on 170°C. Remove cookie from sheets to cool on wire racks.
After baking is recommended to store the cookies in cool place. 

Stored treats in cool place should be consumed within 5-7 days.
Whole cdVet Baking Mix is for a one serving of dough.




Fit-Crock Classic 
is a natural fodder for dogs.

Complete feed for dogs.

Natural basic feed for dogs.

We consciously avoid to add synthetic vitamins to ensure the metabolic system is not unnecessary stressed. Balanced natural ingredients provides for a wide maintenance as well as an optimal nutrition on natural way. Our role model we are focused on is the nature. The moderate content of fat and protein in cdVet Fit-Crock Classic provides an optimal basic nourishment, whereby it is possible to add appropriate, performance-related amount of meat.

Information about amount of meat in the feed: 
This feed is declared according to the German respectively European Food Law. If the whole content of dry substances of meat and fish is converted into fresh weight the content of meat result in ca. 50 - 65%. Information of quality of "livestock by-products": In this products only high-graded parts of consumable sheep, which are consumable for human consumption, are used. In addition to meat of muscles giblets are knowingly also used. Giblets like lungs, udder, liver as well as bones are important for the nutrition of dogs. So it is secured that your dog is nourished naturally with cdVet Fit-Crock Classic.

Why should you feed your dog with cdVet Fit-Crock Classic: 
If anybody sees Fit-Crock Classic the first time following reaction occurs oftentimes: "Are this horse treats for?" We have knowingly chosen a large form of nuggets. Dogs are hork-eater; with the large nuggets you can achieve that the dogs begins to chew. This cleans the teeth again (the nuggets are very tight). cdVet Fit-Crock Classic is not a predigested fodder (like many of the other even expensive feedingstuff). The feed breaks down into its components in the stomach, the stomach is not overstretched (it does not swelling!) and thus the risk of stomach torsion is reduced. Because the feed have to be digested intensively the gut mobility is supported and the natural gut cleaning is provided. At optimal intestinal cleaning the risk of fungal infection in the intestine villi (a main reason for the so called feedingstuff allergy, also looking specially diet-related support with cdVet GutVital) are reduced on a minimum.
dVet Fit-Crock Classic contents NO synthetic additives.
Thus the metabolism is not forced additionally (further reasons of a so called feedingstuff allergy). Through the gentle feed processing and the high-grade ingredients is the addition of synthetic vitamins and minerals normally unnecessary. The excrement of the dogs gets considerably tighter this have following advantages: the anal gland are evacuated regularly (obstipation are avoid) and the excrement let easier remove.
Feeding recommendation as main feed:
cdVet Fit-Crock Classic is designed as a basic feed. In the view of the naturopathy the nutrition of of animals should be always build up on different column.
Thus we advice to feed generally cdVet MicroMineral. Small amounts on meat and other appropriate fresh food is often useful.
We generally advise to feed cdVet MicroMineral and cdVet GutActive.

corn, flesh and livestock by-product (100% of lamb & sheep from slaughtering suitable human consumption) brown rice, corn sprouts, beet pulp, carrots, dried blood, seafish meal, brewer´s yeast, bovine fat, natural cold-pressed vegetable oil, molasses, produces of milk and dairy, linseed, algal lime, algae, malt sprouts, nettle herb, birch leaf, holy thistle herb, dandelion wort, grape seed extract, rosemary, herbs Content of natural ingredients: crude protein: 19,9%, crude fat: 7,0%, crude fibre: 3,25%, crude ash: 5,5%, calcium: 1,2%, phosphorus: 0,7%

Synthetic additives per kg: NONE

Feeding recommendation as main feed:

Weight of dog Daily amount in grams
1 - 5 kg 50 - 100 g
5 - 10 kg 100 - 200 g 
10 - 20 kg 200 - 300 g
20 - 35 kg 300 - 400 g
35 - 50 kg 400 - 500 g
50 - 65 kg 500 - 600 g

Corn, rice: are carrier of starch with low allergic potential Lamb & Sheep: not pre-conserved, from slaughtering for food Fish: distributor of high-valued amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids Corn sprouts: distributor of vitamin E, high-valued amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids Beet pulp: natural raw material, to dispense with chemistry for giving the form; contains natural properties which matters for the digestion carrots: distributor of vitamin A dried blood: important distributor for natural minerals and blood components for design a natural nutrition of the dog because its progenitor, the wolf, was a omnivore brewer´s yeast: important component for the digestion and for supply with vitamin B natural, cold-pressed vegetable oil: through the cold-pressed process very high amount of natural vitamins and other essential trace elements as well as high amounts of fatty acids are available. Compared to refined oil (treated oil) where vitamin are extracted from. Milk and dairy products: with these components we come back again to the natural nutrition because the wolf had eaten amongst others the udder (which contains partly milk) Thus today´s dogs are generally not able to eat this anymore we give these products (milk) in the feed. Because milk is a natural distributor of minerals, vitamins, etc. linseed: is important for the supply with vitamins, essential fatty acids and enzymes Selected herbs, malt sprout, yeasts, fruit extracts are important for the natural stabilizing of feed. Furthermore, they are important for supporting the metabolism and for designing a broad basis of nutrition, in particular in the area of trace elements and nutrients.

Store in cool and dry place! Avoid from direct sunlight!

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