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cdVet Fit-BARF Starter Kit for Cats

The entry-level and small trial pack is based on the basic building blocks of cats Barfing.
The natural supply of micronutrients by Fit-BARF MicroMineral is in the Fit-BARF Green-lipped Mussel optimally supplemented with taurine and naturally occurring Fit-BARF Cod Liver Oil combines a perfectly coordinated basic concept.
To ensure that your cat friend is supplied from the beginning with everything they need to be happy.
So you can find out whether you can build on this foundation little something great!

Expert Tip: 
The starter kit is also ideal for the holidays - Small luggage but large in the supply!
Mineral supplement feed and feed ingredients for cats

On optimal supply of micronutrients is to pay particular attention:
- The growth
- The change of coat
- In training and competition use
- At stud
- In case of stress
- For coat and skin problems
- In older animals
- Metabolic problems and allergies
Possible consequences of trace element and micronutrient deficiencies:
- Problems shedding
- Scaly skin
- Dull coat
- Developmental delay
- Degeneration of bones and joints
- Weakened immune system
- Early signs of aging
- Stress susceptibility
- Birth difficulties
cdVet Fit-BARF MicroMineral
cdVet Fit-BARF MicroMineral contains 100% pure natural ingredients such as algae, marine algae, grape seed extract and yeast, which are rich in natural, readily available micronutrients such as minerals, trace elements, vitamins, etc..
Due to their vegetable origin detoxification organs are not passed on, creating a perfect, natural micronutrients with calcium, magnesium, a whole complex of essential trace elements and alginates is thus made possible.
extracted marine algae, yeast, malt sprouts, seaweed, grape seeds

Analytical components and contents:
17% calcium, magnesium, 1.16%, 0.65% potassium,
Phosphorus 0.25%, 0.63% sodium, Ash insoluble in HCl 6.0%

Feeding recommendations: 
dogs 1½ scoops per 10kg body weight daily for the food, cat approximately 1 level scoop daily
1 level scoop = 2g

cdVet Fit-BARF Green-lipped Mussel
A very enjoyable for cat owners aspect of their nature very high content of taurine. As the organic acid especially cats need their adequate dietary intake because they can not manufacture taurine and lose much of their droppings over again. This Taurine is essential for cats. A deficiency can lead to severe impairment and bodily injury.
In addition, the green mussel important components of the body's mucous membrane module is available and can be so supportive effect on functionality and flexibility of the bladder and all other mucous membranes.
At times, fed the trace elements and vitamins contained in the green-lipped mussel can have a positive effect on the vitality, metabolism, nutritional imbalances and have to stressed skin.

green lipped mussel, Perna canaliculus 100% freeze-dried

Analytical components and contents:
crude protein 54.1%, crude fat 10.3%

Feeding recommendation:
daily cats, small dogs 0.5g, 1g medium dogs, large dogs (over 40kg) 2g

1 measuring spoon corresponds to about 1g
cdVet Fit-BARF Cod Liver Oil
cdVet Fit-BARF Cod Liver Oil is a premium supplier of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Omega-3 fatty acids (eg linoleic acid) are polyunsaturated fatty acids that can not be produced by the body itself.
Therefore they are called essential and must be supplied to the body through food. Vitamin D is important for bone formation and regulation of calcium homeostasis.

100% cod liver oil

Feeding recommendations:
4 - 6 weeks daily small dogs, cats ½ tsp, 1 tsp medium dogs, large dogs 1 ½ tsp..

cdVet Fit-BARF cod liver oil should be refrigerated after opening and kept in the dark and used within 6 weeks!



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