Fit-BARF Psyllium Shell 600g

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Feed material for cats and dogs

For the appropriate supply at raw feeding.

The bark of psyllium forms a coating in the stomach and intestines, so the drugs can not be absorbed.
Therefore, please feed it time-delayed.

Psyllium is a rich source of soluble fiber. The powder swells in connection with water to a multiple of its original volume.
The so-called mucus polysaccharide located in the shell of 
the seeds are responsible for the swelling and the high water retention.
This mucilage to 
naturally increase the feed volume and are ideal for dogs which gets fat fats as side dish.

Another positive effect is the increasing of the volume of excrement, which helps counter the problems with anal glands.
The soluble fibers in psyllium, are also suitable for sensitive 

100% Psyllium shell

Analytical components and contents:
Crude fiber 7,2%

Feeding recommendation:
Small dogs / cats: 0,5 - 1 measuring scoop;
Middle sized dogs:
1 - 2 measuring scoops;
Large dogs:
max. 2-5 measuring scoops.

Mix the psyllium shell at least 1:10 with water.
Let them soak for 15 - 20 minutes.

1 measuring scoop corresponds to about 1g.

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