EquiGreen Natural Power without Oats 20 Kg

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Complementary feed for horses

Natural power cereal - without oats

barley flakes, corn flakes (corn hydrothermally solubilised), linseed, molasses, natural hay, soy bean oil, herbs

Analytical components and contents:
crude protein 10.80%, crude fat 5.00%, crude fibre 7.00%r, crude ash 3.00%, calcium 1.40%, phosphorus 0.40%, magnesium 0.10%, sodium 0.10 %

Feeding recommendation:

Pony / Small Horse 200g - 1.5 kg per day, depending on need and performance
Horses about 500g - 3 Kg per day, depending on need and performance
  amounts larger than 1 - 1.5 Kg distribute on multiple meals when possible


cdVet Natural Power satisfies the high standards we set at cdVet Naturprodukte for a concentrated feed for the sensitive herbivore horse:
- easy digestion directly in the small intestine through high quality ingredients, such as hydrothermal solubilised grain and the abstinence of waste products and fillers
- fast, readily available energy without disturbance of the sensitive colonic flora laid out on roughage
- smaller amounts of concentrates with better digestibility and energy intake coupled with enough good roughage preserves the sensitive and small stomach and the entire digestive system laid out for feed high in fibre
- no synthetic vitamins, inorganically bound and chemically produced organic minerals and trace elements
- micronutrients supply only from the finest natural raw materials
- no unnecessary burden of the sensitive detoxification organs of the steppe animal horse by synthetic and indigestible additives
- supply of essential minerals, trace elements, vitamins and other vital nutrients from natural sources, on which the whole organism is designed
- high grade plant and herbal supplements make up for the lack of herbs on today’s pasture
- improved health and increased performance

Srore in cool and dry place!

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