Healthy Snacking with cdVet

Healthy Snacking with cdVet

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Nibbling with cdVet

To give His favorite animal every now and then a very special treat, not only for the animal great - but also for the owner.

Especially good behavior must of course be rewarded and to provide additional motivation when training commands, etc. to give, it may be to have the one or the other treats in the pocket of advantage.

Many of the conventional treats that are commercially bought, are not necessarily suitable as a healthy snack in between, synthetic vitamins, flavor enhancers, preservatives, bad or unclear sources of meat and many more, make this impossible. In addition to allergies in animals are becoming more common today, as it is sometimes difficult to find suitable treats - easier it is there when you simply makes the treats yourself - because you always know what's inside.

With this collection of recipes we want to give you a few small suggestions and ideas into their own hands. Even with simple means, you can quickly and easily conjure up treats for his animals.

But here it must be said, the enjoyment Treats should also take place throughout your favorites in moderation.

cdVet wishes you to have fun baking!