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Natural toy for the employment of dogs.

Unlimited replay chewing fun 100% Natural.

Directions for use:

Shared responsibility: Like all chewing toys, cdVet chewing root should only be given
to the dog under supervision of you.

Top arguments for the cdVet chewing root
- Ecological sustainability
cdVet Chewing root be crafted and ecological criteria sustainability excavated.
- Suitable for all breeds of all sizes all ages

The natural chewing desire of the dogs of all breeds and all sizes, distributed equally no matter what age.
During the change of teeth in young dogs even an above-average chewing craving is noted.

Relaxing, fun and play with the natural cdVet Chewing root Dogs have from the nature a strong chewing desire.
The age and breed isn't important.
The need for chewing and gnawing is spread equally over the whole species.
The cdVet Chewing root satisfy this desire in a completely natural way. 
Playfulness and relaxation come by the way not too short.

Origin and quality of the cdVet chewing root.:
The cdVet chewing root is won of a very high quality mediterranean hardwood.
The special heath type, which come from our roots, growing up to 30 km from the sea.
To meetings in countries like Portugal, southern Spain or Greece. They also grow in the barren and hard ground of La Gomera and Madeira.
The root its of the quality ideally as a chew toy for dogs. The structure is very hard and durable. The root has no sharp edges and is therefore very comfortable in the hand.
The various of the cdVet Chewing root the chewing desire Dogs love from the nature to chewing whatever the age and breed.
An increased chewing desire is observe in the dentition of the dog. This basic need comes to meet cdVet chewing root on the perfect way.
The chewing friend may let off steam whim.
The result of the nutrition domesticated dogs by most industrial convenience foods comes the satisfaction of natural chewing desire a special importance.
During the wolf in the wild to chew on the bones of yours prey animal, search the family dog comparing food in his bowl. Gives your dog a little bit nature back through cdVet Chewing root.

The dental care:
What does the bone in the wild, this is the cdVet Chewing root in the Living room, namely the natural dental care for the dog.
Because by chewing the dog rasping not only the crumbs from the root, but as it also Calculus from his teeth.
This results in healthy and strong teeth, sitting in a robust and solid gum!

Relaxation and stress coping:
Extensive chewing, gnawing and biting on the cdVet Chewing root is pure relaxation for the dogs soul. During the four-legged friend is chewing releases endorphins that give rise
to a feeling of happiness. After a long and undisturbed employment with the root of the dog is so calm and balanced.
Gladly, the animal pulls back after an eventful day with "his" roots and processed in its own way the experience. 

Fun and games:
Last but not least ist the cdVet chewing root as good and stable toy. The root can be used as a throw toy in the garden, this is apportiert with great devotion and enthusiasm
from the dog. Have the dog boredom is the root well suited between of the pleasant employment. 
With the paws becomes slide the root over the ground or thrown with the mouth in the air.
Whatever for what purpose to use the cdVet chewing root, as responsible owner know you have an ecologically product.
The root comes to you like the grown in the nature, without plasticizers, colorants or flavorings. 
cdVet chewing root hasn't been treated with chemicals!

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