Calma 20 ml

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PREMIXTURE of flavor and appetizing additives for dogs, cats and horses

Diet related support with nervousness and before stressful situations (liquid)

mixture of aromatic substances, whose addition to feed improves its smell or palatability: 1000000mg per kg

Feeding recommendation:  
feed 15 to 30 minutes before a stress situation; 
dogs, cats: according to their weight 2-20 drops, 
horses: 4ml, repeat after 2 hours or as needed.

High requirements in all areas of life, pressure and tension are frequent attendants in everyday life. The nervous system is frequently strained; the emotional and physical capacity must be demonstrated repeatedly.
This disturbs body and mind, unbalances and causes nervousness.
For the hyperforin contained in the St. Johns wort combined with the sesquiterpenes from the melissa, cdVet Calma can usefully supplement the natural feeding in times of stress. 

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