Arthro Green Plus 150g

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Complementary feedingstuffs for dogs

Maintaining healthy joints, muscles, tendons - with green-lipped mussel, powder

30% New Zealand green-lipped mussel from aquaculture, frozen, dried,   ginkgo, 10% rose hip paring, devil`s claw, nettle, field horsetail, common sea buckthorn berries, spirulina, willow bark.

Feeding recommendations:   
small dogs under 10kg: 1/2 up to 1 measuring spoon; 
middle size dogs (10-30kg): 1 up to 2 measuring spoons, 
big dogs over 35kg: 2 up to 4 measuring spoons 
The feeding period should be maximal 6 weeks. Afterwards we advise a continue feeding with cdVet ArthroGreen
 1 measuring spoon corresponds to about 1g

Analytical components and contents: 
crude protein 25.2%, crude fat 6.2%, crude fibre 7.5%, crude ash 14.1%, phosphor 0.42%, calcium 1.65%, sodium 0.43 %.

cdVet ArthroGreen Plus contains the well-proven ArthroGreen recipe and was additionally enriched with rose hip and willow bark. Thus it is suited especially as support the musculoskeletal system and joints in acute phase optimally in a natural way. 
The containing rose hip paring are characterised by their high parts of vitamin C, pectins, fruit acids and carotinoids. 
Vitamin C a matter for biosynthesis of collagenand thus for the strength of bones and cartilage. 
By the selected combination with the included salicin in willow bark may be cdVet ArthroGreen Plus to support a natural, diet-related.

Tip of an expert: 
For further care from the outside cdVet Circulation Gel is recommended.

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