Arthro Green 345 g

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Complementary feedingstuffs for dogs and cats

Maintaining healthy joints, muscles, tendons - with green-lipped mussel, powder

30% New Zealand green-lipped mussel (from aquaculture, frozen, dried), grape seed extracted, ginkgo, devil`s claw, nettle, field horsetail, sea buckthorn berries, spirulina

Feeding recommendations:  
cats: 1/2  measuring spoon;  
small dogs under 10 kg: 1/2up to 1 measuring spoon;  
middle size dogs (10 – 35kg): 1 up to 2 measuring spoons;  
big dogs over 35kg: 2 up to 4 measuring spoons  
1 measuring spoon corresponds to about 1g

Analytical components and contents:  
crude protein 31.6%, crude fat 6.2%, crude fibre 12.1%, crude ash 10.8%, phosphor 0.49%, calcium 1.46%, sodium 0,41%

The New Zealand green-lipped mussel have a high density of profitably bio active component like for example glycosaminoglycane.
This makes it to a valuable raw material with a lot of positive properties. Glycosaminoglycane are among to the group of amino sugar (monosacchsaride), they are also called as nutrition for joints and are natural components of synovia and cartilage.
cdVet ArthroGreen provides  through the high part of New Zealand green-lipped mussle and the containing glycosaminoglycane an important component of the functionality of joints and support thus their building.

Tip of an expert:  
After the first week the feeding amount can be doubled for a specially  support for animals with bigger problems for ca. 2 – 6 weeks.
For further care from the outside cdVet Circulation Gel is recommended.

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