Natural Horse Care

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From origin and biology, horses are herbivores and animals of the plains. Their place in the food chain is that of prey, their survival strategy is to flee and seek protection in the herd. Horses are one of the most specialised species in the world with their whole physiology uniquely adapted to the needs of these living conditions.

Its constant urge to move and roam is needed to keep locomotive, cardiovascular and respiratory system healthy. Equine digestive organs and metabolism are adapted to the sparse vegetation of plains and steppes and coping with constant excess supply of too rich feed, synthetic additives and other stress factors for digestion and metabolism can cause numerous and severe problems.

As the detoxification capacity of the equine liver and kidneys is very limited compared to carnivores, omnivores and even fellow herbivorous ruminants (who digest microbial protein from their ruminal flora) they are easily overtaxed by the demands of modern equine feedstuffs and husbandry conditions. In order to survive once the limit of their capacitity is reached the organism has to use alternative methods to get rid of waste products and toxins.

Often skin, respiratory tract or digestive system (all large and with high metabolic activity) take over and act as substitute organs of detoxification which results in lots of metabolic slags and waste products being past by tissue originally not intended for the job. This strains and irritates the affected organs leading to their increased vulnerabilty and susceptibility to various disfunctions and diseases.

Summer eczema, mallenders, chronic respiratory disease, chronic diarrhea and many of todays rapidly rising metabolic disorder such as PSSM, EMS, Cushing Syndrome etc. can be listed among diseases promoted by these factors. It is therefore of most importance to keep care and feeding of the highly specialised herbivore horse as close to nature as possible to save its sensitive metabolism from unneccesary strain.


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