How to feed cat

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Should cats be nourished with raw meat as well?
In comparison to the dog the cat is a true carnivore. It takes in very little additional next to meat and bones of their prey, what is a little different from the dog. The dog eats his prey even with the stomach which is filled with large amounts of undigested food in case of herbivores. Thereby the dog, in contrast to the cat, takes in a larger amount of carbohydrates that we replace especially with fruits and vegetables in the dog feeding.

This pre-digested food pulp provides the dog also with vitamins. It can be concluded that the cat needs only small amounts of carbohydrates. Fiber, which is also supplied by vegetables (or the undigested food pulp of prey), the cat takes in with the skin of the mouse for example. In the proper sense the cat doesn’t need carbohydrates but only fiber in their nutrition which serve to stimulate the intestinal activity. Unlike the dog, the cat as a former dryland inhabitant covers her fluid needs from food and takes only a little water additionally. Therefore her food has to be very “wet”.

What amount of fresh meat does my cat need?
Adult cats get 3 to 4 meals daily, the feeding amount depends strongly on age, activity and body type of the cat as well as on the energy density of the food. The approximate amount of raw feed is 30 to 50 grams per day and kg body weight. Youngsters, active studs as well as pregnant and lactating cats need more food than castrates. All ingredients should vary as much as possible, from the type of meat/animal species (chicken, turkey, rabbit, mice etc.) to the age/sex (cockerel, laying chicken, day-old chicks etc.) and the body parts (breast, leg, belly, heart, stomach, throat, etc.).


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